suddenly I miss it. I’m craving for it. Damn. I used to smoke because my roommate and I tried it once, and I got addicted. But then I got sick, and smoking made me worse so my friends in LB made me quit. So I stopped. But right now, I want it again. I want to smoke a stick, well, maybe 3 sticks… or even a half pack, oh alright, a pack! I want to smoke a pack right now!

Btw, my favorite cigarettes are the black menthol flavored marlboro ones. (As shown in the picture)

Somebody give me a pack! Please? As a birthday present? Haha!


Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

This was the only photo of us two that I could upload haha. Happy birthday!!! I love you so much! You were always there when I neeeded you, you’ve never given up on me, and even though we don’t talk about deeper things nowadays, I just want you to know that I love you and I am proud to say that you are my mother. Stay young and vibrant hahaha! 🙂

And now, How I met your mother time!

himym ted

I don’t know what else to say but…

Let Barney and Robin get married and show who the mother/future Ted’s wife is on the season finale of HIMYM Season 8!!! Haha! But I think the writers are still gonna put a twist at the end that would make the audience get even more excited. Though, THERE WILL BE A SEASON 9. But I don’t know what’s gonna happen then. Ted will meet the mother “in exactly 45 days”, so I’m really curious as to what the story will be on season 9.

But l’m focused on the season finale of season 8! :))

Make Nick and Jess happen! Cece and Schmidt should be back together!

nick and jess2 schmidt and cece

The title and pictures say it all.

The season finale of New Girl 2 is not until May 14, 2013. Damn, I can’t wait for it! Is Cece gonna get married? Or can Schmidt stop it? Will Nick and Jess finally gonna man up and be together? These are the questions that should be answered on the remaining episodes of New Girl Season 2.



I’ll go to Santorini, Greece! It’s actually my dream to go there. It’s the first one on my bucket list. I’m never gonna let myself die without going there (well, then I guess I’m gonna be immortal! hahaha) But seriously, I really want to go there so bad! I don’t care if I’m alone, I just wanna go to Greece!!! 🙂