If ever there’s a chance on having a happy ending with Reg, even the slightest chance, I will take it. I will fight for her. I will not rest until she falls in love with me too. I will make sure of it.


“Platonish” maybe :)

So here’s the thing, I have my own Robin Scherbatsky. I’m in love with a friend but I know I can’t have her. 

I was waitlisted in UPLB for the first semester but I wasn’t able to get in. My high school batch mate, Rainiel was also waitlisted but then she got in. So I tried again the following semester and luckily, I got accepted that time. SInce Rainiel was 1 semester ahead of me, she got to know a lot of people, including Regene. It was fair enough that she introduced me to some of her friends so I won’t be alone, and that’s how I met Regene. The first time I saw her, I was amazed on how pretty she was but that’s it, nothing more.

But as time goes by, I started to know her better. She is one amazing girl! She’s gorgeous, funny, smart, and weird (but in a good way). We got closer and well, you know the rest. I fell for her. But unfortunately, I can’t have her. Even if I’m willing to steal a blue french horn for her, I can’t because we have to be platonic. She doesn’t know I have feelings for her and I don’t intend on telling her, ever. Why? Because in the end, it CAN NEVER and WILL NEVER happen. Not even in a million years. So even though it’s really hard, I’m trying my very best to maintain our “platonic” relationship. But with these feelings, I can’t seem to stop wondering what if? But then again, the answer will always be “No”. So maybe “platonish” is the right word for us.