How dare you guys…

Yeah I know I’ve been telling you a lot of reasons on why I can’t come to our galas or whatsoever but come on, do you really think those were all lies? Why? I mean, why would I ever do that to you? If only you guys knew, you’re the only group of people who I’ve been completely honest to. I’m even more honest to you guys than my family. So how dare you guys say that you’re sick of all my lies when in fact I could never do that to all of you.

I love you guys. You know that. I’m sorry if I’m always unavailable on our outings. It’s not my fault. Really. If you all could just understand that. As I said, I could never lie to you guys. I know I’m always joking around, but seriously, I would never do that.

I know how all of you have been lied to. I know how much it killed you guys. Do you really think I would want to see that again? Hurting you guys is the last thing I want to do. Actually, I don’t want to hurt you guys, ever.

All I want is for all of you to understand me. You’re not the only ones who have problems.




suddenly I miss it. I’m craving for it. Damn. I used to smoke because my roommate and I tried it once, and I got addicted. But then I got sick, and smoking made me worse so┬ámy friends in LB made me quit. So I stopped. But right now, I want it again. I want to smoke a stick, well, maybe 3 sticks… or even a half pack, oh alright, a pack! I want to smoke a pack right now!

Btw, my favorite cigarettes are the black menthol flavored marlboro ones. (As shown in the picture)

Somebody give me a pack! Please? As a birthday present? Haha!