Why blog, right?

I’m not really a blog person. I don’t usually write stuff about myself online, but a friend recommended blogging to me when I told her I have too many problems which I don’t wanna share with anyone. She said it’s better than a journal or diary because all you need is a computer and internet and you’re good to go, unlike in a diary, you need to buy a diary, a pen, and art stuff to design it. Also, the designs on how you want your blog to look like are already provided in the site, so you don’t have a problem when it comes to the appearance of your blog, right? That’s when I started blogging… and it really helped me a lot. I don’t have this negative energy anymore, and life is starting to get simple. Yeah right

I guess blogging helps me release all this negative energy so that there would be space for upcoming negative energy. 😀  


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