Just let it out bro…

I know it’s weird that I’m talking to myself. But read the title of this blog and you’ll understand.

I don’t really know how to start, but I guess I’ll just write down everything.

I’ll start with my family.

I love them. Each and every one of them. They’ve been good to me, they’ve given me food, clothes, a home, and they’ve given me love and care. It’s clear that I don’t deserve this family because all I’ve been was a big disappointment to them. Since the beginning I’ve always been different from the rest of them and it affected me a lot. There’s always pressure on me that I have to be like one of them but I always fail to do so, and that’s where disappointment kicks in. It kicks you hard. I always knew they were disappointed, they just never had the guts to tell me because they think I’m weak, which I am. I’m weak because I don’t have the courage to tell them all of this crap that I’m writing, I’m weak because I keep on repeating the same mistakes and not learning from them, I’m weak because I don’t see how much this family loves me and that they don’t care whether I’ll turn out to be like them, and all that matters to them is that I’m a member of this family and they’re always gonna be on my side. That’s why I love them, and I am deeply sorry for all the wrong things I’ve done.

If only they can read this…


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