I love my friends…


Okay, the story goes like this…

It was my friend’s 18th birthday so we had a surprise party for her. But it didn’t become a surprise anymore because she already knew that we were gonna throw a party for her. We still had fun though. It was a really great day because our group was finally complete. It was the first time we’ve all been present since…I don’t know, graduation I guess? So we were really happy to see each other.

Then night came. I told my friend that we should all drink in order to celebrate her being 18 so we went to a store and bought a bottle of GSM blue. When we got back to their house, we started drinking and it’s obvious where I’m going with this… yup, I got wasted.

The rest was a blur to me. All I remember was when we were going home, I remember being so nervous because I was afraid my mother would find out that I was drunk. I kept on asking my friends if I look okay, and they said I did. So the four of us who weren’t living in BelAir 1 took a shuttle. When I got home, I was surprised when my friends came with me because I thought they were gonna take our other friend home. Then my mother came out, and she talked to them. They told her what had happened so I quickly went upstairs and onto my bed because I didn’t want my mother to be screaming at me.

To be honest, I’m mad at my friends. I’m telling them that I’m not, but I am. I trusted them. I thought they wouldn’t tell on me but they did. A friend told me they were just being concerned. Well, if they’re concerned, taking me home was enough, I could take care of the rest.

Apparently, my mother wasn’t mad at me the morning after. She even laughed at me because I was drunk. But I guess it’s because I had a hangover back then so she didn’t want my headache to be worse. Because recently, she has forbidden me to go to our outing. Her exact words were “Hindi! Bawal! Mag-iinom lang ulit kayo eh! Ano, tapos uuwi ka na naman ng lasing? Sasabihin na naman sakin ng mga kaibigan mo na nakainom ka kaya ka ganun? Bawal! Bahala ka!” But then, I’m kinda glad she forbid me because I also don’t want to go due to what happened. I don’t wanna see them for a while because I’m mad at them.

Why did they f*cking do that? What the hell did I do to make them do that? All my other friends aren’t telling on me when we drink, especially those in LB. They don’t f*cking call my mom and tell her “Tita, uminom po yang si Katcha.” So why?


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