Awkward night is awkward.

Damn. Why did I get myself drunk? Now they know all of my deepest secrets. I didn’t really expect that I’d be that drunk. Damn you Katcha! You shouldn’t have drunk all that beer! Because of that, I’m not that comfortable in front of them. Because they now know what I’ve been hiding all this time. The day after was worse. I had a terrible hangover and it always feels awkward whenever I’m with them. But to be honest, I’m a little glad that they know already. Because it kinda like removed some weight off of me. I’m not really the type of person who’s open about anything. I keep all my problems to myself because I don’t want other people to interfere. But at the same time, I feel terrible because I’m carrying all these problems and I don’t have someone to talk to about it so yeah, I’m glad they know. It means I now have someone (well, two actually haha) to talk to about my problems.



I miss my highschool bestfriends so much! To be honest, it hurts. A lot. I don’t even know if they miss me too. I’m starting to realize that maybe this is part of life. Maybe we all have to part ways. But the problem is that they’re too damn special to me. I can’t let them go just like that. They are the biggest part of my life, and heart. But a part of me wants to move on, start a new chapter. I mean, I’ve met other people, and I want to start a new life with them. I know deep down inside, they want that too. Because they too, have made other friends. This is what I don’t like about college. Even though you gain some friends, you also lose some. I don’t want this era to end. But I’ve already accepted the fact that it’s heading to that direction.