Anxiety kills.

Damn. Why do I feel guilty? I didn’t do anything wrong! Well, if we’re gonna be honest, I was the one who told the guy’s bestfriend about his girl and this other guy. I was also the one who gave the phone number of the girl’s friend to the guy so he can confirm if it’s true. So yeah, maybe I should be feeling guilty. But wait, why should I? I wasn’t the one who had another guy! She should be mad at her friend! Because her friend told me! But really don’t know. I don’t know if she’s mad at me. I don’t know if her friend is mad at me. I’m feeling kinda nervous. They’re both my friends, well, actually, her friend only. Haha. That’s why I wanna know everything that happened! I wanna know if I’m a part of this. I wanna know now!


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