Damn you.

Well, thanks for screwing up my friend. You’re such a “good” guy. I really thought you were different. I thought you were the one who could give my friend a happy ending. I thought you were gonna be there FOREVER. Guess I was wrong. You’re not that kind of guy. You were at first, but then you became different. And we all know that it’s because of that stupid girl named MAGGIE. I mean, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! YOU HAD THE GREATEST GIRL IN THE WORLD, AND YOU SCREWED THINGS UP FOR WHAT? FOR THAT BITCH?! YOU’RE CRAZY, MAN. Well just so you know, SHE’S FINE WITHOUT YOU. BECAUSE SHE SHOULD BE WITH A MAN, NOT A CHEATING BASTARD WHO DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK EVEN IF HIS GIRL IS CRYING HER HEART OUT. That’s all I want to say. Have a good life, you ASSHOLE. 


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