My Name Is Charlie Savory

My name is Charlie Savory

I was lost, confused, and heartbroken

So this is just another story

Of how I became one of those who have fallen

It started off with a girl named Phoebe

She always told me I was a good-looking guy

So then I thought, is she interested in me?

But there’s got to be a reason why


As time passed by, I started to fall for her

It wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t surprising either

But then I found out that she falled for another one

So then I thought, was she even serious before or just wanted to have fun?

Clearly I was hurt, so I got into tears

I thought she was the one who I’ve been waiting for all these years

But after this experience, I became stronger than I used to be

That is why my name is Charlie Savory


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