If ever there’s a chance on having a happy ending with Reg, even the slightest chance, I will take it. I will fight for her. I will not rest until she falls in love with me too. I will make sure of it.


“Platonish” maybe :)

So here’s the thing, I have my own Robin Scherbatsky. I’m in love with a friend but I know I can’t have her. 

I was waitlisted in UPLB for the first semester but I wasn’t able to get in. My high school batch mate, Rainiel was also waitlisted but then she got in. So I tried again the following semester and luckily, I got accepted that time. SInce Rainiel was 1 semester ahead of me, she got to know a lot of people, including Regene. It was fair enough that she introduced me to some of her friends so I won’t be alone, and that’s how I met Regene. The first time I saw her, I was amazed on how pretty she was but that’s it, nothing more.

But as time goes by, I started to know her better. She is one amazing girl! She’s gorgeous, funny, smart, and weird (but in a good way). We got closer and well, you know the rest. I fell for her. But unfortunately, I can’t have her. Even if I’m willing to steal a blue french horn for her, I can’t because we have to be platonic. She doesn’t know I have feelings for her and I don’t intend on telling her, ever. Why? Because in the end, it CAN NEVER and WILL NEVER happen. Not even in a million years. So even though it’s really hard, I’m trying my very best to maintain our “platonic” relationship. But with these feelings, I can’t seem to stop wondering what if? But then again, the answer will always be “No”. So maybe “platonish” is the right word for us.  

Game 7 Draws Huge Ratings For ABC But No Better Than Lakers-Celtics In 2010

CBS Los Angeles

NEW YORK (AP) — The Heat’s Game 7 win over the San Antonio Spurs drew the second-most viewers for the NBA Finals on ABC since the network took over the series in 2003.

Miami’s 95-88 victory Thursday night was watched by an average of 26.3 million people. Game 7 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics in 2010 had an audience of 28.2 million.

The series averaged 17.7 million viewers, up 5 percent from last year’s Heat-Thunder finals, which went only five games.

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Oh September, please come faster!

All my favorite TV shows already had their season finale so that means I don’t have anything else to watch!! Though they’re supposed to return in September but… already I’m excited! haha

They say time flies by so fast… I hope they’re right, ’cause I can’t wait any longer! :))

How dare you guys…

Yeah I know I’ve been telling you a lot of reasons on why I can’t come to our galas or whatsoever but come on, do you really think those were all lies? Why? I mean, why would I ever do that to you? If only you guys knew, you’re the only group of people who I’ve been completely honest to. I’m even more honest to you guys than my family. So how dare you guys say that you’re sick of all my lies when in fact I could never do that to all of you.

I love you guys. You know that. I’m sorry if I’m always unavailable on our outings. It’s not my fault. Really. If you all could just understand that. As I said, I could never lie to you guys. I know I’m always joking around, but seriously, I would never do that.

I know how all of you have been lied to. I know how much it killed you guys. Do you really think I would want to see that again? Hurting you guys is the last thing I want to do. Actually, I don’t want to hurt you guys, ever.

All I want is for all of you to understand me. You’re not the only ones who have problems.